Heroes and Heroines

Heroes and Heroines

We have been working with a group of young people to discover the hero’s and heroines from Leicester, they have been taught how to interview, record and edit the interviews and put them into a package to be played out on our Opinion8 show on a Tuesday evening in the summer. We will have a series of programmes featuring the men and women who have achieved success  and can inspire the young people of Leicester to strive and celebrate their own achievements. The young people have had a great time and improved their confidence and communication skills, we are hoping to run a similar course in September for another group.

Inspirational Guests

Zoe Fox, Foxylicious Cakes

Zoe Fox started her business Foxylicious Cakes in April 2013 after making numerous cakes for family and friends. It grew from there mainly being recommended by customers, but she just didn’t want to be just a cake maker and she wanted to use more of my creative side. She finally decided to stop the business Foxylicious Cakes and concentrate on using her artistic talents and experimenting with designs. She entered Cake International Birmingham 2014 with Monty the Monkey (after entering the year before with Pinhead – first ever comp she entered) and won Gold with Monty. She felt she had made the right decision not to continue with Foxylicious Cakes.

Prof. Mark Williams, De Monfort University

One of our first guests was Professor Mark Williams from De Montfort University who brought into the studio some old bones. In fact they were over a million years old and the presenters asked Mark about how he had become a palaeontologist(someone who knows a lot about old bones)
You can here the interview during the summer on our Opinion8 Show on a Tuesday Evening from 8.00

Alan Birchenall MBE, Leicester City Football Club

Alan Birchenall visited the station to be interviewed by the young presenters and he brought with him some of the trophies he has won and been presented with during his career. The kidz were most impressed by his MBE. The Birch has been an inspiration to many young people and adults alike during his career in football and his tireless charity work in support of Leicester city Football club and various charities.