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Have you ever wanted to be a radio presenter? Are you aged between 8-18 years old?

The Fast Forward Course is where young people like you can learn about what it’s like to be a radio presenter.

Throughout the course you will learn what makes up a radio show, design your own show, then produce and record it.

Your show will be made up of whatever you want, whether that’s an R&B or Rock music show, a chat show or whatever you want your show to be. This is your chance to be a star.

If you are not up for talking out loud then you could be interested in the technical bits. Drive the show, do digital editing, learn the basics of the equipment its up to you.

What’s Involved?

You will begin with a tour of Takeover Radio you will see how Takeover Radio works and go into the studios and meet the presenters who are “on air” at the time.

Most of the course is based in the studios at Takeover Radio. The course will last over a number of weeks either during the day or in the early evening.

Does it cost me anything?

The answer is no if you qualify!

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