Takeover Radio helped me to develop confidence and broadcasting skills as a communicator, where I was able to interview a range of celebrities and other local news stories. I was able to transfer my multimedia skills and management skills to lead my school radio station. I went on to read an M.A. in Film, Media and Society with a thesis on digital radio because of my involvement.

Daniel Leung
Alumni 2012

Being a part of takeover has had a huge impact on my social skills as well as allowing me to be more talkative and improving my confidence. It’s an amazing experience.

Ishani Karia
4-6pm Show 2019

I love the opportunity the boys are having by being part of Takeover . It is great for confidence and experience . It will great on future CV s . They have both taken part in various outside broadcasts including one Leicester


I have watched my son develop and gain so much confidence since becoming a young presenter at Takeover Radio. The next step is the massive leap from the Takeover environment out into the world of media. The idea of building links or bridges to help the young presenters gain insight and experience into the wider media industry would have a positive effect on their understanding and help them gain valuable experience for the future.


Working at Takeover for the last 6 years has been a life changing experience, allowing me to be more professional while unlocking confidence! being apart of the Takeover family has been an amazing opportunity that I implore you to take yourself!

Karishma Karia
4-6pm Show 2019